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Posted on: December 19th, 2013

Gallatin Valley Farm to School donated the following materials to the Bozeman School District Media Center. All materials are available free-of-charge to teachers within the district, teachers in other districts, and community members. To access the Farm to School library collection, visit or contact the District Media Center at (406) 522-6046.

Print Materials

Botany On Your Plate: Investigating The Plants We Eat. Barrett, Katharine D. Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, 2008. (Grades K-4)

Choice, Control & Change: Using Science To Make Food & Activity Decisions. Koch, Pamela A. South Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, 2010. (Grades 5-6)

Farm To Table & Beyond. Koch, Pamela A. South Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2008. (Grades 5-6)

French Fries And The Food System: A Year-Round Curriculum Connecting Youth With Farming And Food. Coblyn, Sara. Lincoln, MA: The Food Project, Inc., 2002. Updated and tested activities for engaging teenagers from intensely varied backgrounds with agriculture and food systems. Lessons range from practical, hands-on activities designed to give the young person a complete introduction to the operations of a farm and garden to the social economic aspects of the food system. (Grades K-12) 

The Growing Classroom: Garden-Based Science. Jaffe, Roberta. [New ed.]. South Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2007. The Growing Classroom provides activities for teaching science, environmental awareness, and nutrition in an outdoor living laboratory as well as in a classroom setting. The combination of direct observation and experimentation in the garden laboratory and focused lessons on specific topics is the core of Life Lab. (Grades K-6)

Growing Food. Koch, Pamela A. New York : Teachers College, Columbia University, c2007. Human impact on the natural world is expected to increase as human populations grow and as science and technology develop ever more sophisticated ways to manage the natural world to meet human desires more effectively. Today’s children, as tomorrow’s adults, need solid understanding of science concepts and skills to engage in scientific discussions and to participate in public debate about important issues that involve science and technology. (Grades 4-6)

GrowLab: A Complete Guide To Gardening In The Classroom. Pranis, Eve. 2nd ed. South Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2006. (Grades K-8)

Growlab: Activities For Growing Minds. Pranis, Eve.  2nd ed. Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2009. (Grades K-8)

How To Grow A School Garden: A Complete Guide For Parents And Teachers. Bucklin-Sporer, Arden. Portland, Or. : Timber Press, 2010. A comprehensive guide to planning and creating a school garden and helping students understand the importance of good nutrition and health.

In The Three Sisters Garden. Dennee, JoAnne. Dubuque, Iowa : Kendall/Hunt Pub. Co., c1996.

Literature In The Garden. Bryan, Tex. : Texas Agrilife Extension Service, c2005. Engage children through powerful garden and ecology themed books. Inspire learning through outdoor activities, creative expression and open exploration; helps make stories more relevant and exciting!

Lunch Lessons: Changing The Way We Feed Our Children. Cooper, Ann. 1st Collins pbk. ed. New York : Collins, 2007, c2006. Explains the basics of proper childhood nutrition, suggesting various recipes for breakfast, lunch, and snacks; and offers advice to parents and school officials on implementing healthier eating habits for children.

Math In The Garden. Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2006.
Gardens are magical settings filled with colorful shapes, delightful aromas, and myriad patterns. Patterns, measurement, comparisons, and problem solving are a few of the mathematics strands embedded in typical gardening activities. Includes suggested age range for each activity and connections to math and science.

Nourishing Choices: Implementing Food Education In Classrooms, Cafeterias, And Schoolyards. Pranis, Eve. South Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2008. Drawing on a wealth of collective experience, “Nourishing Choices” offers a roadmap for developing a food education program and exciting children about healthful eating. (Grades K-12)

Schoolyard Mosaics: Designing Gardens And Habitats. Pranis, Eve.  Burlington, VT : National Gardening Association, c2002.

What’s On Your Plate?: The Film About Kids And Food Politics. Gund, Catherine. Oley, PA:, 2009. DVD and curriculum guide. (Grades 6-8)


What’s on Your Plate? – Also has separate teaching models that fit within class periods and match the curriculum guide activities)

NourishIncludes 54 bite-sized videos about the story of your food, featuring Michael Pollan, Jamie Oliver, and other voices from the food movement.

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